Mira Kurkiala
NEW COLLECTION 2018 "My universe"

NEW COLLECTION 2018 "My universe"

Print for 
- Limited edition Print of 50 pieces
- Available in size 30x30 cm and 50x50 cm
- Printed on 200g matte paper, archive resistant, PH neutral and without optical brighteners.
- The original artwork is painted with gouache colors on wooden panel
- World wide shipping.

“Wisdom moves hills
faith moves mountains
love moves the world
and together they move the universe.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo 🌔

I will insert 10% of the net profit that I get from the artwork that I'm selling for WWF (World Wildlife found). WWF is working around the world to preserve unique ecosystems, rainforests and marine environments. They work for a living planet and a future in which humans lives in harmony with nature. ​​

399 SEK