Mira Kurkiala



I am an 30 year old artist from the northern Sweden, a city called Umeå, and I was born and raised on the country side.
I find most of my inspiration in nature and wildlife, therefore the motives on my paintings can be anything from the northern woods in Sweden to the rainforests in Africa.
​Since 2009, Ive been traveling a lot and have collected a lot of inspiration from those trips which Im using to create new paintings.
I also paint a lot of round circles and round shapes like moons and planets. For me, circles represent the sun, the earth, the moon, the universe, wholeness, eternity and all cyclic movement.

My work reflects my love for this beautiful, magical and truly fascinating world that we have the privilege to live in. I want to bring awareness to the beauty of nature with an increased awareness to protect nature and wildlife.
I draw all my painting by hand and I mostly prefer watercolors and fineliners.
​Im available for commission work if you´re interested in a custom piece.

Thank you for stopping by!

​I have started a fundraising campaign for WWF (World Wildlife found).
I will insert 10% of the net profit that I get from the artwork that I'm selling.
WWF is working around the world to preserve unique ecosystems, rainforests and marine environments.
They work for a living planet and a future in which humans lives in harmony with nature.

If you want to see my work in progress, portfolio and a lot more 
Instagram: @mirakurkiala.art

Email: mirakurkiala@gmail.com